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The journey through change is not always straightforward for organisations focused on improving people's lives through inclusion, equality, education or health. There is often complexity and uncertainty, and at times, the challenges you face can seem insurmountable.


This complexity and uncertainty can affect your organisation in many ways. When funding is scarce, the voices of the vulnerable or under-represented aren't heard, despite the knowledge that people with lived experience can offer you the best insight into the challenge at hand. Often staff lose the optimism that is so vital to the success of those working in the social sector as they are unsure of the connection between strategy, service delivery, and generating impact in the community. 

Finally, the way you communicate your message might not be getting the same traction that it used to. Clarity is lost when trying to connect with diverse audiences who have competing needs. The result is a decrease in fundraising, challenges in growing partnerships, and people not actively engaging with your organisation.


How we help you

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Navigate through times of change and complexity.

We can help if:

  • You need to minimise risk before committing to a new initiative or program

  • You are trying to create a service that meets the needs of vulnerable or under-represented people

  • You need comprehensive tools and strategies to measure your impact

  • You are trying to create a culture of optimism by increasing your team's ability to make a difference. 

  • You want your people to understand and commit to where your organisation is heading

Get in touch to talk more about your specific challenge.

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Communicate with confidence and inspire people to take action.

We can help if: 

  • You’re brand no longer represents who you are or where you’re going

  • You need to raise awareness and visibility for your organisation

  • Your traditional fundraising campaigns are no longer effective

  • You want to create online experiences that engage and drive results

  • You need a plan for communicating with a diverse group of audiences

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We recognise that your organisation's challenge is unique, and there is no simple package-deal or quick fix.

We undertake research and look for insights so that you can move forward with clarity, confidence, and optimism. By bringing together your team, audience and those with lived experience, we foster an environment of shared ownership of the complex problems you deal with on a day-to-day basis. We all share the risks, failures and successes. The result – outcomes are more likely to succeed because your team, audience and those with lived-experience invest in change.


Who we are

We are small, multi-skilled & nimble.

We are strategic thinkers with the ability to implement ideas creatively. We bring positivity and optimism to every project. We recognise that you and your teams are experts and that the voices of many provide insight into the challenges you face. Our approach means you will always deal directly with us.


Luke Schoknecht

Luke has a deep interest in understanding people and how they connect with brands, cultures and experiences. His strength lies in his ability to combine strategic thinking with engaging creative executions. Luke has strong business acumen and an entrepreneurial skillset bringing extra insight to the organisations he helps. With a Bachelor in Communication Design and a constant thirst for knowledge, Luke applies practical approaches to complex challenges.

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Rusty Benson

Connecting Rusty's work and personal life is a singular motivation: creating a better world for his kids and their generation. He helps organisations use design to solve real, often complex, human problems. An engaging facilitator and communicator, Rusty is a sought after speaker. Outside of work hours, Rusty lectures at RMIT Uni and serves on the program advisory committee for digital media. He is also a board member of Life's Little Treasures, a foundation that supports families of premature and sick infants.

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Palliative Care Victoria


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